A place where people are but where society does not function. A place of anonymity. The space does not function within the rules of society. The space is where people have no relation to each other. No culture or group binding them together. Brutal architecture, not catered for society. Where the Non Society thrives, is where society does not survive. Examples are parking lots, alleyways, supermarkets, subway stations. The list goes on. Still this neologism stays subjective when it comes to the details.

The non space architecture is brutal, cold, dark and neglected. Unnatural shapes, uncomfortable to the eye and soul. Designed purely for it’s function and not for humans. Sharp edges and broken construction materials take up their territory. Claiming the area from society. How can we be aware of these spaces? How can we appreciate the anonymity of the non spaces? Our relationship with these spaces determine how we move through the city. Do we avoid these spaces? Or do we just ignore them?

Encounters of the Non Space , is a project about a place of no social intention. Places such as car parks, ruins or construction sites. These encountered objects that have lived in the Non Space were forgotten, left to rust away. Capturing moments in time of the always evolving Non Space, these objects have been reproduced to give them dignity.

Ceramics, Glaze and sand

‘Recenter Decenter’
Film Cafe, Utrecht, The Netherlands